Saturday, 01 May 2010

Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam supports

Yoga transforms.

Asana by asana you build your practice. Your outlook changes, you make connections. You begin to take your practice beyond the mat, into your life. Simple moves lead to monumental changes.

Yoga is a gift from ancient India, embraced by the West. Today, however 76% of India's population—800 million people—live below the poverty line of $2.50 a day. is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds in order to alleviate poverty in India, particularly amongst women. Started in Los Angeles in 2007, Yoga Gives Back is now a rapidly growing global community of volunteers, students, teachers, and advisors who work tirelessly by holding event classes, distributing information, and working hard to help change lives.

In may 2012 Janneke Verburg-Wiersma of De Yoga Studio Eindhhoven, Netherlands, has partnered up with YGB to create our new YGB Dutch community! is a dutch stichting created to support YGB activities in the US by organizing special fundraising events in the Netherlands and Belgium. is dutch stichting with  ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - Dat betekent dat je je schenking aan mag opvoeren als aftrekpost voor de inkomstenbelasting, voorzover het drempelbedrag voor giften wordt overschreden).

YogaGivesBack mission is to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women in India to build sustainable livelihoods.

Funding and Awareness

First, by sending funds to support women in India. Yoga Gives Back supports micro credit programs in India which lend small loans to women in particular, who have no access to capital. Additionally, they have developed "Sister Aid" programs where YGB directly funds education, vocational training and micro credit programs for struggling mothers, girls and orphans. With $25 a month, mothers can start their own businesses; girls and orphans can go to school.

Second, by reaching out to yoga studios, YGB build awareness through fundraising classes and events. Studio by studio, we can invite the global yoga community to join in this campaign to help alleviate poverty in India.

Do you want to support YogaGivesBack mission?

Ongoingly our commitment is to support this cause by raising awareness, funds and participating in YGB global events.

You can also make a donation directly on the YGB dutch bank account number t.n.v. te Sittard (click here).

100% of your donations will go directly to the YGB microfinancing campaigns to support women and children in India.

If you rather pay with credit card, then you can fill in the donation form on the american YGB website (click here).

To find out more about YogaGivesBack, please check the dutch website or the american site.

Or watch this short video on YouTube to get inspired about this great project!

Let's unite to express our gratitude to Mother India for the gift of YOGA!