Claudia Pradella


I have begun to inquire into spiritual development while living in London in the mid '90s. After taking part in many courses and disciplines - from personal coaching, vipassana meditation, yoga, thai massage, biodanza and many more - I decided to travel on sabbatical leave for a year and journey through South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

My affinity and interest in Eastern philosophy became clear as soon as I landed in Asia. As I continued to travel through these amazing countries and their cultures, I was more and more drawn towards visiting teachers and centers where I could understand more about the way the mind works. The more I was deepening into inquiry and self study, the more I was getting closer to the yoga tradition.



My passion for Yoga & Ayurveda started almost ten years ago whilst taking a course in Ayurveda-Yoga massage in Rome, my hometown. At that time I was working full time in a large corporate environment, realizing that there was something missing in my life.

During that first course, once I came in contact with the world of Yoga and Ayurveda, I immediately realized that healing touch would have been my path. I first experimented with some traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayama, then I went to South India on a few trips to deepen my yoga practice and the Ayurvedic studies. There I had the chance to learn different techniques of Ayurvedic massage from well respected doctors, and to study yoga with great teachers. Through these journeys I could experience these disciplines as a way of life and as a way to establish a deeper contact with the various layers of my being.



I was introduced to classical ballet at the age of three. Since then, my love and passion for movement has led me through a beautiful path as a dancer, dance artist, yogini, dance movement therapist, and beyond all as a human being.

In 2005 I came across the use of dance as a tool for social transformation. Completely inspired I travelled to Brazil and South Africa to work as a dance artist with underprivileged children and youth. In 2008 I followed a Postgraduate degree in Community Dance in London, where I had the opportunity to work as a dance artist with young offenders and people with physical and mental disabilities. Since then I continue to develop and participate in community dance projects with different populations, where dance is used as a tool to touch and transform people’s lives.



My first body-mind awareness was given during my active Baseball youth: 'Don´t think when you hit the ball'. And then later it came back during my party period: 'Dancing feels so good without thinking!' But the thinking was always there... not about hitting or dancing but
about the world and humanity. It gave me worries and an uncomfortable feeling. In 2005 I went travelling, got inspired by meditation and started to study Ayurveda. I practiced some light yoga regularly and there came the feeling to develop more body awareness.