Claudia Pradella


I have begun to inquire into spiritual development while living in London in the mid '90s. After taking part in many courses and disciplines - from personal coaching, vipassana meditation, yoga, thai massage, biodanza and many more - I decided to travel on sabbatical leave for a year and journey through South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

My affinity and interest in Eastern philosophy became clear as soon as I landed in Asia. As I continued to travel through these amazing countries and their cultures, I was more and more drawn towards visiting teachers and centers where I could understand more about the way the mind works. The more I was deepening into inquiry and self study, the more I was getting closer to the yoga tradition.

I have practiced different forms and styles of yoga with many wonderful teachers and I feel very privileged that I could invest so much time of my life to study and to experience the world. I truly believe that all schools and traditions ultimately share the common view that in the authenticity of the present moment the truth is revealed. All the tools I was given have helped me to simplify life and to quiet a very agitated mind.

When I settled in the Netherlands in 2003 I met Katiza Satya and focused on the practice of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga. I began to understand how discipline and commitment promote changes much quicker than simple exploration. I chose then Astanga Yoga as my tool, dedicating efforts to its study and regular practice, investing several years and travels to visit regularly great teachers and masters abroad.

I feel very honored to have studied repeatedly under the guidance of Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath in Mysore, India. I am also very grateful to my dearest teachers Lino Miele and Nancy Gilgoff for having influenced my understanding of Astanga Yoga so much.

Since I started to teach Astanga Vinyasa Yoga classes in 2004 at Yoga Moves in Utrecht, it has been my aspiration to see this lineage of yoga growing in the Netherlands, in a dedicated space and in its traditional form, in respect of an individual approach to yoga and of Patanjali’s broader psychology. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to share this common vision with Madina Tanekeyeva, so we could start together Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam in july 2010. Madina's dedication and commitment to this work have been essential to make this school happen. In 2011 she left the Netherlands, to follow her love and to start a new adventure on the other side of the planet.

After a few years alone, I decided to join forces with Delight Yoga, where the Astanga community could grow even more. It is with joy and gratitude that I continue this journey with the invaluable support and dedication of so many wonderful friends and teachers.