I was introduced to classical ballet at the age of three. Since then, my love and passion for movement has led me through a beautiful path as a dancer, dance artist, yogini, dance movement therapist, and beyond all as a human being.

In 2005 I came across the use of dance as a tool for social transformation. Completely inspired I travelled to Brazil and South Africa to work as a dance artist with underprivileged children and youth. In 2008 I followed a Postgraduate degree in Community Dance in London, where I had the opportunity to work as a dance artist with young offenders and people with physical and mental disabilities. Since then I continue to develop and participate in community dance projects with different populations, where dance is used as a tool to touch and transform people’s lives.

Fascinated with the impact that dance has in the lives of many people, I was inspired to go beyond its artistic qualities and dive into its main core: the body-mind-spirit connection. This led me to enroll in the Master degree in dance movement therapy (MDT) at Codarts in Rotterdam, where I am currently finishing my last year.

Not surprisingly it was also at this time that Ashtanga yoga came into my Life. I started doing yoga many years ago like sideline training as a dancer. However, it was at a meaningful moment along my journey that Ashtanga came, and it touched me fast and deeply.  I started my practice at the Astanga Yoga School in Amsterdam with Claudia Pradella and Madina Tanekeyeva, inspiring human beings! Knowing that there was much more to yoga than the asanas and wanting to deepen my understanding of my own practice and its philosophy I decided to follow the 200hr teacher training in Eindhoven with Claudia and Janneke Verburg, which I completed in 2011.

This experience together with my DMT training, have brought me precious gifts along my path, which have transformed my Life profoundly. Together, they have taken me into a beautiful and inspiring process of inner reflection, Self (re)discovery, inspiration and transformation.

In particular, my Ashtanga yoga practice has given me the tools to access inner silence, stillness, grounding and peace within myself, an enormous challenge for this energetic and passionate, but too active being. This would have never been possible without the wise guidance and patience of my teacher and mentor Claudia, and the support of my teachers Janneke and Madina, with all of whom I feel deeply grateful.

Inspired to bring yoga to the community as I have done with dance, last year I followed a Yoga outreach core training in Vancouver, Canada, focused on how to bring yoga to people who cannot access it through the mainstream (correctional facilities, addiction recovery centers, mental health institutions, etc.)

I want to bring yoga and dance to everyone! Everywhere! As a yogini, dmt and dance artist, I am convinced that body movement awareness can help us all to still our minds, reconnect with our souls and it is my wish to use it as an instrument to touch people’s lives and inspire them into a more fulfilling life journey. My biggest wish is that this contributes to a shift of consciousness and happiness in the World.

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to start teaching at Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam, where I am able to share with others the transformative power of this challenging & beautiful life philosophy and practice.